Why St Luke’s?

    We are people who want to grow in our knowledge and love of God by becoming rooted in scripture, soaked in prayer and engaged in His worship.

    We are here to grow as a community of grace by committing to love one another, living with authenticity and generosity, and developing the gifts of both young and old.

    We seek to share in the work of the Holy Spirit to communicate the great news of Jesus through confident witness, loving service, and building partnerships for mission and social justice.

    Our vision is to be a church of growing disciples of Jesus who grow disciples of Jesus.

    We value…

    All ages – nurture children, develop young people, honour older people

    Creativity – explore fresh ways to celebrate and share God’s story

    Encouragement – recognise, use, celebrate and develop the gifts people bring

    Generosity – God gave everything and we want to reflect his generosity

    Hospitality – people feel valued when we share our time and lives with them

    Partnership – establish and strengthen genuine mission partnerships

    The Wider Church – work with local churches and communities, blessing them wherever possible

    Faith – expect the Holy Spirit to transform lives, places and situations