‘Virtual’ Morning Worship

Mark Fraser led our worship this morning via Facebook Live! A recording of the service can be found here

At the end of the service, Mark played a song called ‘New Day’, written by Kristine Mole and performed by the Mole family. A recording of the song can be found here. It feels like a really timely message of hope for us at the moment, and a copy of the lyrics are included below.



Day calls to day of your goodness and mercies,
Dawn follows night
as the dark has to flee,
Your steadfast grace
is renewed every morning
As day follows day
so your love follows me.
And I trust in you
I face this day with you,
I put my hope in you.
Lord of time you are in every minute
Nothing’s outside your love and your spirit
Trust in you
New day, new hope,
new dawn, new grace
Choose to trust
Choose to hope
Choose to love

Choose to pray

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