Our heart, vision and values

We believe that…

…the life Jesus offers far surpasses anything anyone or anything else can offer.

And so, …there’s nothing better anyone can do with their life than grow as a disciple of Jesus.

…That’s why…

Our vision at St Luke’s is to be a church of growing disciples who grow disciples.

St Luke’s is a community of people of all ages who are committed to three core values…

1. We seek to ‘Celebrate God‘ in every aspect of our lives.

We do this by…

  • …rooting ourselves in Scripture – we believe Scripture, the Bible, is God’s word and is entirely trustworthy and given for our flourishing.
  • …being soaked in prayer – we believe that through prayer we’re able to talk with God and be heard by Him more intimately than in any other relationship.
  • …engaging in worship – we believe that God is always worthy of our praise, whether life seems to be fantastic, flat or failing.

2. We seek to ‘Grow in Grace‘ in all our relationships.

We do this by…

  • …showing the love of Jesus – we believe that the unshakable, gritty love Jesus showed us is the sort of love we’re called to show to others.
  • …reflecting the generosity of God – we believe God’s blessed us way beyond what we deserve and that His generosity should be reflected in all our friendships.
  • …living lives of authenticity – we believe it’s important to be true to how we feel each day, and to be vulnerable and generous-hearted with one another.
  • …sharing our gifts – we believe God gives us natural and spiritual gifts to give Him praise and to faithfully serve His church.

3. We seek to ‘Share Jesus‘ with our communities and beyond.

We do this by…

  • …loving service – we believe that there’s no better signpost to Jesus than by serving the needs of other people and advocating for the social concerns of our communities.
  • …confident witness – we believe the only way someone can come to know Jesus and decide to follow Him is if they’ve heard about what He’s already done for them and what a difference He can make in their lives.
  • …being led by the Spirit – we believe that the Holy Spirit is living and active in all who follow Jesus, and can equip, empower and encourage us in all we do.