Confidence in the face of questions

This series seeks to explore 5 questions of modern times that raise important questions about God and the place of Christian faith today.

Each question is considered and explored in the light of Jesus’ own words and/or actions. Jesus makes some pretty confident claims in the face of these questions, and this series seeks two things:

  • to engage ‘spiritual seekers’ as they explore Christian faith and weigh up the Christian God (we seek the Spirit’s revelation for them),
  • to equip disciples of Jesus to (i) speak the fullness of life in Christ into a world that could be described as drained and decaying, and (ii) graciously contend for Christ wherever they find themselves (we seek the Spirit’s prompting, encouragement and empowerment).

‘Where was God when it all went wrong?’

Andy Tufnell – John 11.1-3, 17-44 – Click here to listen.

To view the powerpoint that accompanied this sermon click here.

‘What’s wrong with putting myself first?’

David Hilborn – Matthew 6.25-33 – Click here to listen.

“I’m a good person, isn’t that enough?”

Mark Fraser – Ephesians 2.1-10, Mark 10.17-22 – Click here to listen.

‘Who can I trust?’

Andy Tufnell – Colossians 1.15-20 & Matthew 11.27-30 – Click here to listen.

To view the accompanying powerpoint click here.