If you want to know any more about the courses that we run and are promoting here at St Luke’s please do email us with your enquiries. Relevant email addresses are below.

The Alpha Course

Alpha offers an opportunity to explore some of the tougher questions of life and learn more about the basics of Christianity.

The course runs over 12 weeks in the Autumn (with a break over half term). The next course begins on Thursday, 28th September at 7.30 pm.

For further details check out the Alpha website by clicking here or contact Janet or David Brydon by clicking here.

Believing & Belonging

Believing & Belonging (BB) is a weekly course that aims to link what Christians believe to how Christians grow in their sense of belonging in the church.

BB is really practical and helps us work through how the core values of our church impact our daily lives. It’s suitable for anyone interested in understanding what we’re about as a church and is an ideal follow on to The Alpha Course.

BB has three parts/modules, reflecting the make up of our core values, each running on Thursdays from 7.30-9.30 pm at St Luke’s Church.

BB1, looking at ‘Celebrating God’, runs from January to March.

BB2, looking at ‘Growing in Grace’, runs from April to  June.

BB3, looking at ‘Sharing Jesus’, runs from September to November.

If you’re interested in the course please email the course coordinator by clicking here.

Becoming a Contagious Christian

Communicating faith should be the most natural thing Christians, disciples of Jesus, do; but we often need encouragement and direction, and that’s precisely what the Becoming a Contagious Christian Course (BACC) is designed to do.

If you’d like to become more comfortable and more effective at communicating your faith, not feeling awkward and not doing things that feel completely unnatural, then the BACC is for you.

This course runs weekly for five evenings. The next course runs from Thursday October 12th.

All the sessions are delivered in-house. For further details about the course contact the church office.

The CAP Money Course

The CAP Money Course is a widely acclaimed course that teaches practical budgeting and money management skills.

Whether you feel pretty organised with your money or whether you struggle with debt, the CAP Money Course will help you take complete control of your finances.

This course runs weekly for three evenings and is repeated several times a year.

For further details about the course check out the CAP Money Course website by clicking here or contact our local course coordinator, Chris Blainey, by clicking here.