‘Where was God when it all went wrong?’

Andy Tufnell – John 11.1-3, 17-44 – Click here to listen.

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‘What’s wrong with putting myself first?’

David Hilborn – Matthew 6.25-33 – Click here to listen.

“I’m a good person, isn’t that enough?”

Mark Fraser – Ephesians 2.1-10, Mark 10.17-22 – Click here to listen.

‘Who can I trust?’

Andy Tufnell – Colossians 1.15-20 & Matthew 11.27-30 – Click here to listen.

To view the accompanying powerpoint click here.

Easter changes everything

Mark Fraser – Matthew 28.1-20 – Click here to listen.

The Gospel: Good news about goodness

Andy Tufnell – John 3.1-21 – Click here to listen.

Praying over ourselves and our families

Andy Tufnell – John 17 – For technical reasons this sermon was not recorded.

However, for the hand out associated with the sermon, click here; and for the prayers that went with it, click here.

Envisioning a church on the move

Mark Fraser – Acts 11.19-13.3 – Click here to listen.

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